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      From formation to dissolution, every business has a broad range of legal needs.  In addition to basic administration of the entity, every business must resolve business disputes, plan and negotiate uncommon transactions, minimize liability and maintain an array of legally required records.   Because most business owners are too busy to handle such matters on their own, they require an attorney or legal team that can deliver fast, practical and cost-effective legal solutions.  Services include:

Entity Formation & Administration - assistance with formation and administration of business entities so that ownership rights are set and less time is spent on formalities.

Tax Planning - planning for major deals and transactions so that they achieve greater tax efficiency and avoid common pitfalls.

Major Business Events - drafting and implementation of major business events such as shareholder redemptions, liquidations, corporate divisions, conversions and other significant transactions.

Contracts and Leases - drafting and reviewing of agreements and leases, including the drafting of contracts for unique circumstances and business arrangements. 


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