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     Estate Planning and Wealth Management services are provided to accommodate every type of estate, from the most basic and simple to large estates requiring complex tax planning. Regardless of the size of the estate, our plans begin with a firm understanding of your life and assets. From there, we strive to create a unique and finely tailored estate plan which will achieve your goals simply and easily. Services include:

Wills and Trusts - simple, straightforward estate plans which will avoid an expensive probate and resolve your affairs easily and efficiently.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning - estate and gift tax planning that will minimize your tax costs so that more money goes to your loved ones and less goes to the IRS. Additional services include state inheritance tax planning for clients holding out-of-state assets.

Business Succession Planning - business succession plans which will allow your business to transition smoothly to new ownership and management. Succession planning services include transitional management planning, business restructuring, restructuring of ownership rights and privileges and related corporate services.

Property Tax Planning - navigation of California's complex property tax laws, in order to avoid costly reassessments of your real estate interests.


To ask about a new or existing estate plan, call any time for a FREE consultation.

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