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      The Law Office of Douglas Greenberg
was created out of a simple idea: to provide great, honest and reasonably priced tax services for clients with non-routine issues.  There is only one practice area - tax.  Further, client space is limited so as to provide each client with substantial personal attention. 

Tax Audits, Appeals & Tax Court Cases - representation in IRS audits, appeals and Tax Court cases is a bread and butter practice.  Feel free to call for an honest assessment of your case.

Non-Filers - representation of non-filers, minimizing tax balances, penalties and involuntary collection action and getting the client into full compliance.

International Tax Compliance - assistance with complex international tax reporting, offshore voluntary disclosures and related services for foreign executives.

Tax Planning - tax planning for significant corporate events, business transactions, partnership issues, 1031 exchanges and mergers and acquisitions.

State Tax - representation in California state income and sales tax audits, and appeals. 

Employee Benefits - planning and controversy relating to stock options and stock compensation. 


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